MandoBasso released its first CD in April 2010. The album includes 10 originals and 2 traditional tunes. Now available on CD Baby (click here for excerpts and sales) and on iTunes, Amazon, etc. They are currently completing the recording of their second album, due out in Fall 2016.

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MandoBasso is a duo featuring Gunnar Biggs on bass and Bill Bradbury on mandolin.  Biggs and Bradbury first came together as colleagues working on projects at both Palomar College and Cal State San Marcos.  Biggs comes from a strong background in jazz and classical performance, Bradbury from a composition and computer music background.  Their mutual love of Irish and traditional American music brought them together in this unusual pairing of mandolin and bass.  MandoBasso performances include mainly new compositions, along with arrangements of traditional music, classical music, jazz and ragtime.

Some reviews of the MandoBasso CD and articles about the duo:

"The interplay between the two leads to so many unexpected joys and discoveries..." "happily recalls the Appalachian excursions of Edgar Meyer, Yo-Yo Ma and Mark O'Connor of a decade ago" "What makes it all work is the virtuosity the two men bring to their instruments."--Jim Trageser, North County Times Review

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“Fresh and filled with excellent musicianship, the disk is a pleasure from beginning to end.”

--Paul Hormick, San Diego Troubadour (Click for full review of CD)

“Catching them live is a treat...”

--Tony Cagala, San Diego Troubadour

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“First -- curiosity. The simple incongruity forms a question mark. A big ol' bass and a high-pitched mandolin, side by side? Like throwing a growling mastiff in with a mewling kitten. But then listen to the music, and be convinced.” --Gordon Johnson, KCET ArtBound (Click for full article on MandoBasso)

“Listening to MandoBasso right now and loving it! B'veld Bounce, killer little tune....Bravo and keep it going. What a great combination of instruments, what a band!” -Peter Sprague, San Diego guitar legend

"I listened to the MandoBasso CD at least a dozen times in the last week.  It's the best new music I've heard in years!" -- Kent Davy, Editor, North County Times

“The MandoBasso CD is a WOW. What beautiful music. You have woven a sparkling fabric of richness and warmth that will appeal to classics and country lovers alike... congratulations on a superb job.” -DW

“I’ve been listening to MandoBasso the past two hours...What a great blend of styles and compositions, and the pacing and programming of content is stellar! Bravo to you both... Hope Springs Eternal/The Favorite Grandson is one of the most pleasant 6 minutes I’ve spent in ages...” - JG

“I attended your very enjoyable MandoBasso Concert at the Library on Wednesday night....Well, I was quite taken with your Autumn Meditation.  I've just played your CD and now I'm over the moon about it.” -EH

“My fave is "Hope Springs Eternal/The Favorite Grandson."  The octave mando sounds fantastic.” -EN

Gunnar Biggs (bass) Bill Bradbury (mandolin)

Photo by RixGraphix

Photo by Chase Bradbury